Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Summer Siren 2014

Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services congratulates Buhay Pinoy TV for the successful coverage of Summer Siren 2014. It was aired last April 20, 2014 on PTV 4

Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services recently sponsored the Aerial Videos for the said event.

We would like to thank Kyxz Mendiola who flew and took the aerial videos in behalf of Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services

Friday, April 11, 2014

Phoebe our brand new 1300mm Octocopter

Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services  was able to acquire a 1300mm octo-copter (nicknamed Phoebe) with the help of our trusted partner, RedAnts Media Inc.

The said octo-copter will be utilized by both Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services and RedAnts Media for Aerial Photo / Aerial Video purposes. It will utilize the latest DJI flight controller for multi-rotor aircraft, the A2

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank you so much ImmersionRC, Ltd.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Congrats to RedAntsMedia Inc

Congratulations to our partner, RedAntsMedia Inc. for the success of their Aerial Video Shoot for a TV Commercial of Globe Tattoo with Bianca Gonzales. The said TV Commercial aired this Feb 2014.

Prod House: Provill
Post Prod: Underground Logic
Director: Adrian Calumpang

Aerial Flight Crew of RedAnts Media Inc.:
Pilot: Mac Eugenio
Gimbal operator: Vince Villena
Tech assistant: Alexander Raganit

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GMA 7's News To Go Interview

Our partner, RedAnts Media, Inc., was interviewed last Jan 20, 2014 by GMA 7's News To Go regarding the use of Aerial Drones in the Philippines.

Mac Eugenio of RedAnts Media, Inc. brought his DJI S800 and the ImmersionRCs Xugong10 (owned by both RedAnts and Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services). Mac also discussed the capabilities and importance of safety when operating Aerial Drones. Aerial Survey Videos (taken by RedAnts assisted by Clearskies) from Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan's damage to Tacloban were played during the interview.

Both Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services and RedAnts Media, Inc. offers free use of their drones to Philippine Government / Local and International Organizations for FREE for aerial survey / damage assessment brought by natural calamities.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It is never too late to help Leyte

RedAnts Media Inc together with Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services assisted Tzu Chi Philippines in conducting aerial survey (Jan 3, 2014 - Jan 4, 2014) for their humanitarian projects at Leyte Province.

Aerial videos and photos were taken on the coastal barangays of Tanauan and Palo to help Tzu Chi visualize the scope of damage brought by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Also, it will help them assess what they have done so far.

Armed with DJI S800, Z15 and ImmersionRC Xugong 10 the team was able to travel at a lighter load and less man power to operate. On typical missions we usually travel with 3 crew members and 90 kilos or more of baggage. Since direct air travel to the typhoon stricken province is a bit hard and expensive we decided to travel light.

RedAnts and Clearskies is currently in talks also with other international organizations operating in Leyte Province and will most likely come back anytime soon.

If you wish to send donations to the typhoon stricken province thru Tzu Chi Philippines please go to

You may also get in touch with the Philippine Red Cross or go to for details.